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ACIDRENOL : Alkaline citrate improves the acid-base balance View larger

ACIDRENOL - Box of 60 sachets of 3.3 g each


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ACIDRENOL is a food supplement destined to maintain and/or restore the acid-base balance, a very important physiological parameter governing the optimal functioning of many biological and enzymatic functions.
The progressive acidification process very often finds its origin in alimentary mistakes (overtaking of digestive capacity, excess of acidifying protein, insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables source of alkalizing minerals (the most important being potassium).
It follows a cellular clogging which translate into a progressive acidification of the organism.. For a better dissolution pour the powder in a small container with a top and shake vigorously... and it’s ready! Duration of treatment: 33 days to renew if needed after a one week break between 2 curses of treatment.

Presentation : Box of 60 single dose packet of 3.3gr each.
Directions : Progressive course of treatment of 1 to 2 single dose packet per day :
                    • 1st week : ½ single dose packet twice a day
                    • 2nd week: 1 dose twice a day
Do not use : The use of Juniperus communis must not be extended without a specialist’s advice (max weeks). Do not use in case of renal insufficiency, during pregnancy and breast feeding. The control of the correction can be made by a control of the urinary acidity on the second morning’s urine until you get a pH between 7 and 7.5 on a 10 days period.

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