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LONGEFERINE : bioavailable iron plant source , pregnant women's needs are increased the most of these needs is in the 3rd quarte View larger

LONGEFERINE - Pot of 120 pills -


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LONGEFERINE is a dietary supplement that provides a source of plant iron from a variety of equatorial spirulina (spirulina platensis). The body is very energy efficient with the iron it contains, and the iron in haemoglobin is recovered and re-used. Its elimination and daily needs are low and balanced (1-2 mg per day).
Studies have shown that iron in this algae was gradually released in a solution, recreating the conditions of digestive pH while the iron salts were released immediately. Other trials have demonstrated that patients receiving pills of this unique variety of spirulina platensis twice a day had significantly higher levels of ferritin, serum level and red blood cells. 4 pills per day of Longéferrine contribute 85% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake).
Low rates of iron should be corrected. They increase in women during their menstrual period.
During pregnancy the needs of iron increase considerably. These needs become more important as the pregnancy advances, with the highest level in the third trimester.

Presentation : Pot of 120 pills
Recommended dose : 4 pills per day, or as recommended to take with meals
Do not use : In cases of iron overload