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1.3 beta glucans support the immune system by stimulating macrophages View larger

POLYGLUCAN 3 - Lot of 3 pots of 60 capsules -


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POLYGLUCAN is a source of beta-glucans. Structurally, beta 1.3-glucans are complex glucose homopolymers binding together in a beta-1,3 configuration. The immune-modulation action of glucans has been known for over 40 years, after experiments showed that they stimulated the activation of macrophages through the activation of the complement system. Several studies isolated the immune-modulating active ingredient: glucans. Other studies (over 4,000 publications) later demonstrated that beta-1,3 glucans show interesting immune-stimulating properties, including anti-bacterial and anti-tumour activity.

Presentation : Pot of 60 vegetable capsules
Recommended dose : Take 30 minutes before meals on an empty stomach, or as recommended
Do not use : No known cases


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