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FERTILITY MAN : useful for improving fertility in men View larger

FERTILITY MAN (Duo pack IMPROVUM 60 pills + LINUCAPS 60 capsules)-


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FERTILITY MAN is a combination of 2 dietary supplements : IMPROVUM + LINUCAPS. This association is designed to support male fertility through nutrition by having a positive influence on spermatogenesis and especially sperm quality. Male sterility can have several causes. After excluding congenital disorders, the treatment of possible dysfunction of the endocrine system, testicular inflammatory problems and possible varicocele, the intake of specific nutrients can play a determining role in improving male fertility.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. It has been established that chronic exposure to certain toxic substances, heavy metals (cadmium, lead, etc.), especially to xenoestrogens (insecticides, pesticides, etc.), can disrupt the hormonal balance and lead to a poorer quality of seminal fluid and spermatozoids under the effect of oxidation caused by free radicals. This oxidation is also responsible for changes to phospholipids in the spermatozoid membrane, harming it and its ability to react quickly.

Presentation : Duo pack
                        IMPROVUM : 60 comprimés
                        LINUCAPS : 60 capsules

Recommended dose :
IMPROVUM : 1 pill morning and evening after meals
LINUCAPS: 1 capsule morning and evening after meals

Do not use: No known cases